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          Member Benefits

          Support for Every Member

          Every OBA member has access to a variety of free or discounted services and programs. Benefits range from in-house services like publications and support, to top-ranking technology services like Fastcase and LawPay. There are even discounts from leading hotels and travel companies. Don’t miss out – take advantage of all the great partnerships available to you as an OBA member!

          Online Services

          OKBAR.org?- The OBA provides the latest bar news, updates on special projects, information on upcoming CLE and more. You can also find a list of staff and department contact information online.

          MyOKBar?-?Members can update roster information, pay dues, access the member directory and much more on MyOKBar. Plus, links to free benefits like HeinOnline, single-login access for Fastcase and quick links to committees, sections and other important membership needs are available on your front page.

          MyOKBar Communities?- MyOKBar Communities is the message board and file-sharing service allowing members to communicate and network online. It also serves as the main communication tool for committees and sections. MyOKBar Communities automatically links with your MyOKBar account, so your information is synced. Access MyOKBar Communities through your main MyOKBar account page.

          OKMCLE?- On the MCLE Department website,?www.okmcle.org?(also available through the link on your MyOKBar main page), members can check MCLE requirements, get program approval applications and other forms, as well as get answers to frequently asked questions. Members can also view their transcript of CLE credits and review a list of all upcoming approved programs. If you have not already, you will need to create an account on this website.

          Oklahoma Find A Lawyer?- The public can find lawyers by practice and geographical area through the OBA-maintained website?www.oklahomafindalawyer.com. The website is going through a massive update to make it easier for the public to find the right attorney. To be included in the free public directory, click the pen icon next to “Edit My Information” under your profile photo on your MyOKBar account, then scroll down to edit your contact and practice area preferences.

          Networking Opportunities
          Professionalism Services
          Practice Management & Financial Solutions
          Insurance & Retirement Services
          Travel and Office Services
          Technology & Other Services