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          Contact Us

          The information on this site is not meant to give legal advice, but is a service to the public and to the legal community for general usage. We cannot give you legal advice or refer you to an attorney. If you are looking for an attorney, try our?Find a Lawyer?program online.

          To file a complaint against an attorney:

          The?Office of the General Counsel?addresses grievances alleging attorney conduct that violates the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct by an attorney licensed to practice in Oklahoma.?Emails and faxes do not constitute a grievance, as we must have an original signature by the complainant to proceed with an investigation.

          If you wish to file a formal grievance, please furnish the General Counsel's office (in writing) the attorney's full and correct name, town of residence, office address, and any information, names and addresses of witnesses, or any documentation that may substantiate your position. If you prefer a grievance form, you may?download one here, or call us at?(405) 416-7000?and we can mail one to you.

          Contact Us

          800-522-8065 (toll free)

          P.O. Box 53036
          Oklahoma City, OK 73152