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          Continuing Legal Education

          About OBA-CLE

          The CLE Department is the state’s leading?continuing legal education provider. The staff?works to provide relevant programs to meet?members’ needs. In addition to developing and producing seminars, the department also assists the Women in Law, Diversity and Professionalism committees with events, coordinates with sections on co-sponsored seminars, provides webcasting services to sections, and plans and coordinates the Leadership Academy.

          View the complete OBACLE catalog of courses or see individual categories below. Enter coupon code Fall2019?at checkout for most in-person programs when registering online.

          You may also view and register for currently available live webcasts thru?Mesa CLE?and?CLESeminars.

          To contact the department, call?405-416-7029.

          MCLE Rules

          Beginning with the 2019 compliance year, members may earn all of their required 12 hours of MCLE credit by viewing any In-Person, Webcast, Audio Webcast or CLE Online Anytime program. There is no limitation on the number of CLE Online Anytime program hours for compliance. CLE Online Anytime programs can be viewed at any day or time and can be stopped and resumed at a later day or time.

          CLE Quick Links